Price List

Here we have our official office.
The other floors are for group or invited ONLY.

Please make an appointment either by adding a note card to our group main box or by contacting myself,
Morgana Hilra

Picture Prices:

Processed Includes any of the following: High Res, PS edits, possible fonts, borders, glossy photos, Matte finishes, effects.

Non Processed includes: VERY mild edit of photos taken with my own personal windlight settings. Edit includes, smoothing out the rough edges.

Single 650 per process.
Single 300 per non process.
Picture IN picture for two images: 750L per pic. Additional pics up to 4, 100L each addition.

Couple 800 per process
Couple 500 per non process

Group Up to 4 ppl.
900 per process
650 non process

Packages come in:

5 – 5000L
10 – 8000L
15 – 10000L

These are full perm, high res (1024×1024)

If you wish for me to upload these to Second Life, please add the upload costs ON TOP, of the pack prices.

Wedding pack on a budget.

4 non processed, 1 processed – 2000L
8 non processed, 2 processed – 3000L

Modeling Portfolio
Escort Photos
Family Album Pictures

Note: I am currently working on a thincbook press.. so, cross your fingers.

Prices will differ so please, make an appointment.

Also, your pictures may be used in my flickr photography group.
To see if it has been please check here:
Soft Touch Photography

Prices are subject to change without notice so please, inquire about an updated business card.


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