About Morgana Hilra of Soft Touch

Soft Touch Photography

Well first off…

I am not a professional.

I still have alot to learn however, I have had nothing but, high praises for the work that I AM able to perform.

I deal mainly with fantasy, altho, I will attempt to meet your preferred style.

This is my “main” Flickr account page: ~+ Morgana Hilra +~

Now the thing with this, is you need to add me as a friend, since many of my images are set to friends and family only, since, an attack on my photos many months ago.

I am sure all SL Flickrettes have been or will be tagged! lol

I get inspiration, from my friends, family, my love..

My moods can be judged by my photography.

I am single, and I have the most awesome family, and close friends.

I hope to bring many services to the SL World.

Time will tell..

All I ask atm is…

Bare with me while I get things sorted out.

I will have a page added later today, with a detailed price list!

As well as, a page with sample pictures.

And a page dedicated only to videos that I have shot.


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